Difference between Poker Tournaments, Cash Games and Sit-n-Go's

Clearing the confusion

The exciting game of poker offers the player a variety when it comes to the format. New poker players are often confused about the different ways in which the game can be played – there are cash games (also called ring games), there are tournaments and there are the Sit-n-go's. Poker is also played at various limits and the beginner can be at a loss as to the options he or she must choose.

Many of us are recreational players, playing poker just for fun. If that is the case, then you might want to select the kind of game that would give you the greatest enjoyment. However, if your approach to the game is from the financial perspective, you might want to think of the option that will give you a good financial return. In this article, we try to give you an insight into the various poker game formats so that you can decide on the best one for you.

Cash Poker Game Explained

Any game of poker that is not a tournament is a cash game. To explain further, in a cash game, players play with actual cash (the chip value is equal to the cash they pay), they can re-buy and add to their chips any number of times. It also means that there is no limit to how much of their money they can lose in a cash game. In case of a poker tournament, the player pays certain amount (buy in) along with an entry fee to participate in the tournament and risks only that much irrespective of how many chips they lose. In a cash game, players can join in or leave at any time.

If you really want to make money from the game of poker, people in the know will recommend that you play cash games. There is a large amount of money circulating at the cash tables simply because losers can easily re-buy as many times as they wish to get back into the fray. As a result, a successful poker player can make a substantial amount of profit by playing cash games. If you are a regular at online casinos and you are a winning poker player, you'll find that cash games are the most consistent form for earning an income.

Additionally, the game skills you learn at cash game tables will help you play well even at multi table tournaments and sit-n-go tournaments.

Understanding Tournament Poker

As we mentioned earlier, in a poker tournament, players pay a certain amount of money as entry fee which is called the buy-in. All players in the poker tournament start off with the same amount of chips and compete against each other for the final prize. Although there may be a single winner, the tournament rules may permit the payment to the top 2 or 3 players. Tournament poker is also a good way to make money from the game, although you might have to play a large number of hands or play more number of games to make a substantial profit.

Sit-n-Go Poker – it’s the most popular of online Poker games

Sit-n-Go's are small poker tournaments which can be multi-table events but are mostly a single table event with nine or ten players. As soon as the required number of players buy-in, the tournament begins. Sit-n-go poker is very popular at online poker rooms because it is quick and you need to beat just a few players to be successful in the game. Only one player emerges the winner in Sit-n-Go tournaments, but payouts are made to at least three players, just like with any poker tournament. Since you have to compete against only seven or eight players, you do stand a good chance of winning something from a Sit-n-Go poker tournament.

The advantage of playing Sit-n-Go poker is that the game ends within the hour, leaving you free to join another one. It also helps you improve your poker strategy and if you are a winning player, you're bound to make a neat little profit by playing more number of games within a short span of time.

Other Poker Games

Usually, it is Texas Hold'em when it comes to cash games, tournaments or sit-n-go. Texas Hold'em is so popular now that there is plenty of literature and training material available. Players are also well trained in the game and you will rarely find weak players to take advantage of. Other poker variants like Omaha have yet to reach the pinnacle of popularity like Texas Hold'em. If you consider mastering some of the other poker variants instead of focusing on Texas Hold'em, you might still find a few opportunities to take advantage of. Finally, winning is all that matters if you are into the game for the money