Using Online Swiss Casino Bonsues

If you enjoy traditional casino games and you are looking for an alternative way to play the games while also in the comfort of your own home, you can do so by registering to become a member online using a Swiss casino. Online Swiss casino communities offer a wide range of both classic and newly-invented casino games that allow you to play for free and also participate in real betting and live progressive jackpot games.

Bonuses and Promotions With the Swiss Casino Online

When you choose to become a member of the online Swiss casino, there are many different promotions and bonus offers available to help you with saving money and even earning or winning more, depending on the option you choose. Swiss Casino bonuses are available for both newly registered members along with those who are interested in high stakes betting and progressive jackpots.

Upon registering to become a member of the online Swiss casino, you are given the opportunity to receive up to a €400 welcome bonus for all four of your very first deposits. Members who register on the site are prompted to make an initial deposit. For new members, the deposit will be matched up to a grand total of €400, giving you the opportunity to have €800 in your account with just a €400 deposit to get you started. The Swiss casino will match up your deposits up to €400 for the first four of your deposits to your account as a new member. This will allow you more game time and the ability to win even more when you begin playing both classic and newly-created games available from the Swiss casino.

For those who consider themselves high rollers and are interested in betting more than the traditional member, there is also a high rollers special available from the Swiss casino online. Making large deposits and betting large can help to get you up to €4,000 in bonuses. You can also win more bonuses when you participate in progressive jackpots.

Types of Games in a Swiss Casino

Many types of games that are similar to those available in traditional casinos include video poker, table poker, slot machines, roulette, blackjack and even baccarat for any type of preference you may have when betting or playing for fun. There are also themed slot machines as well as site-specific games that are available throughout the year from various sponsors and brands.