The PPA’s efforts for US Online Poker
One of the strongest voices in the US, demanding that the US government frame proper poker laws so that US online poker players can play their favorite game in a safe, secure, and regulated environment, is that of the Poker Players’ Alliance (PPA).
The PPA is a non-profit organization, which has for members a large number of US poker players and fans of online poker. The major objective of this organization is to promote the game of poker and to protect the rights of US online poker players. It was formed with the express purpose of urging the US government not to deny the people of USA their rights to play poker in the comforts of home. Besides urging the US federal government to legalize and regulate online poker at the federal level, the PPA also works for state-wise legalization of online poker. The PPA is also one of the strongest voices in the US arguing that poker is a game of skill. In brief, the PPA gives top priority to protecting the rights of US online poker players.
Ever since its establishment, the PPA has been educating lawmakers, fighting against prohibitory legislation, and demanding the protection required to guarantee US poker players the right to enjoy playing their favorite game of poker. It has been trying hard to convince lawmakers that poker is the very embodiment of American tradition and to influence public policy in favor of the game. Besides, it has continuously empowered its members to get in touch with elected representatives and convince them of the need to legalize the industry.
The PPA is associated with a Political Action Committee (PAC), called PokerPac, which enables PPA members to pool and contribute financial resources to political candidates, who might act in favor of poker. PPA members can also claim attractive membership benefits.